How To Build An Economical Website In Minimum Effort And Time Wastage?

How To Build An Economical Website In Minimum Effort And Time Wastage?

In order to survive and be competitive in today's fast-paced digital world, the prime importance is to have a professional website. How much should it cost to develop a website is just similar to asking how much a phone costs? The answer is pretty simple, it depends on what preferences you have and what features you need. The cost of building a website ranges from 5$ per month to even 7000$. Yes, it is possible! There are website development companies like Sagaedge that builds you a proper working website for just only 5$ per month.

Consider an example - There are plenty of mobile companies which sell smartphones. An apple I-phone X costs you 1300$ but there are other companies selling phones with a similar specification in just 300$. Similarly, its the case for websites, all you need to decide is whether you prefer hard work or smart work?

What is meant by the term cost?

Cost is just not the money you spend. It is broadly divided into 3 resources:

  • Time: As it is said time is money. The more time it is taken in building and maintaining a website adds up to the cost of the website. Planning and designing a website may take up to a few weeks.

  • Effort: The effort put into developing and the ease of handling a website is one of the features that decide the cost.

  • Money: Lastly and most significant, the financial investment in the website matters the most. It varies by whom the website is being developed, whether it is a big firm or by a smaller one person company.

Types of website development

In order to obtain a website, there are plenty of options available on the internet. The two broad classification as to how you can indulge with the website development company are listed below:

  • To start from a scratch: It simply means to hire a website designer then start developing a basic site as per your convenience. It is just similar to building a house. In this process, you first buy a suitable land, then look for an architect and get the design ready, then consult a builder to build the house and then finish off with the interior designing and relocating. Nothing is pre-packaged and you have to do everything by yourself.

In the case of a website, it will cost you around 7000$ and you will get exactly the website you wish for. A major drawback of this process is that is is very much time consuming and it also costs a lot of time and effort.

  • Use a simple drag and drop website builder: In this process, the website building company provides you with a specific layout of the website. This process can also be called as readymade websites. These companies have already prepared a basic outlining of the website and all they do is to add all the relevant details of your choice and you are good to go. It is similar to buying an apartment to live in. You choose the apartment of your choice, add a few interiors like furniture, television, mirrors, etc. and you have got yourself a deal.

In the case of a website, you will receive the required platform to boost up your business. you just need to give the directions and the developers will take care of the rest. On the bright side, you do not have to spend a lot of effort or money. It just costs about 5 to 8$ per month.

Factors affecting the cost of building a website

A big question arises as to why is there such a vast difference in the range(money) of both type website development companies. The points below will also help you understand that how using a readymade website is better than hiring a web developer to start from a scratch. A few factors that add up are:

  • Establishing a setup: The cost of establishing a setup in the website development process can range from about 150$. This is just an initial step to gather all the necessary tools pertaining to website development. But in case of drag and drop websites, you do not have to worry about any of these.

  • Designing: Designing a website alone can cost you up to 6000$  and it is very much time-consuming. In the case of readymade websites, this cost is eliminated.

  • Adding content: Adding the content makes the website relevant and it is also a bit time-consuming. It might add up to 400$ to your budget.

  • Learning how to use: Learning the process of handling the website by a user also is a big factor. If the user is unaware of technical languages, it might take up weeks to learn how to handle various feature on the website. Such courses may cost about 150$ with a lot of time and effort. In case of readymade websites, there is no need of such course as the user remains unaware of any coding language. The interface provided is very much user-friendly and easy to learn.

  • Maintenance: The maintenance cost of a website varies according to the traffic and work performed by the website. It can range from 50$ to even 500$ annually.

After integrating all the costs we can conclude that hiring a website designer, especially for a website will cost you a fortune as compared to consulting a readymade company for the same job.

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