Top 10 Important Benefits Of Responsive Web Design

Top 10 Important Benefits Of Responsive Web Design

Responsive web designing has proved as a vital step towards successful website development. Web pages that can adapt to the size of the user's viewport are coined as responsive web pages. The primary concern behind this phenomena is to automatically load and adjust the web pages according to the user's convenience and provide an optimal, consistent and positive experience. Irrespective of the fact that the user uses any sort of device to access the web page, the compatibility should be maintained and quality of service must never degrade. Responsive web designing has been gaining in popularity as the search engine like google prioritize them resulting in a boost in the web searches positioning them above others.

Some benefits of responsive web pages are illustrated below:

  • A reduced loading time:

Responsive web designing allows the website to load faster on various devices. As compared to the traditional web designing, responsive web designing have a better website loading time irrespective of any device we use like tablets, mobile phones, desktop. Many researchers conclude that a delay of over 3 seconds provokes 53% of users to abandon the website.

  • Achieve an improved traffic:

More than half of the total traffic on the internet is due to mobile and other small-screen portable devices so; a responsive website design delivers an increased traffic to the website as it enables maximum users to access the web page on their platform.

  • Easier / Faster website development:

The budget and time taken to create two separate web pages for mobiles and desktops is much more than creating a responsive web page. Creating only mobile supported application alone will cost you a lot more and it also results in wastage of time as you have two manage two separate web pages at a time.

  • Ease of maintenance:

Managing a single website is much easier and preferable as compared to handling two different web pages as the resources and time will be divided. On the bright side, the time and effort saved can be put into something more productive.

  • Increase in the conversion rate:

An improved user experience results in an increase in the conversion rate of the users. The users tend to stick long enough and try to explore various other features of the website.

  • Reduced bounce rate:

The ease of a visitor to navigate freely through various sections on a responsive web page results in a gradual decrease of the bounce rate. The users will indulge themselves in various contents of the web page as they receive a marvellous browsing experience. In simple words, a higher conversion rate results in a lower bounce rate.

  • Easier feedback and analysis:

A responsive web page makes it much easier to analyze the areas from where maximum traffic is being received. It provides an ample amount of information to the company so that they can strive towards improving the overall experience of the user.

  • Ease of sharing on social media platforms:

An ideal web page provides links and buttons through which the contents including the web page will have a strong backlink on a social media platform. Since the social media has the highest traffic on the internet so your web page is exposed to a massive platform and you will receive a considerable increase of visitors to your web page.

  • Backlinks:

Backlinks play a very significant role in promoting your web page as it enquires the search engines that other websites are willing to consider you as a dependable source. Providing internal as well as external backings enables the user to explore the internet as per the need and convenience. Providing more internal linking makes the user to get trapped in the website resulting in a better traffic but it should be kept in a limit.

  • Improved Search Engine Optimization:

Search Engines like Google considers the responsiveness of a web page as a prime objective in order to rank the website in the results page of the search. It can positively impact the SEO as the responsiveness of a webpage is directly proportional to the SEO. If the web page is compatible with mobile as well as desktop devices then the search engine places the website at a higher position on the result page and vice versa. Another important tip is that if you are having two separate web pages for desktop and mobile version then search engine might end up in considering your web page as a duplicate page, resulting in a massive loss to your effort, time and money.

  • A better browsing experience for the user:

A responsive website enables a better browsing experience to the user. The user can easily navigate through the web pages and they do not have to constantly zoom, pinch, shrink or adjust the screens. It also increases compatibility enabling the users to access the web page using any device.


To add all things up we can say that responsive web designing has created a new era in the field of web development. It saves time, money and effort of both the user and the website handling staff which provides with a much better and improved browsing experience. Creating responsive web designs in a page is an art and the one who has mastered it is towards the right path to success. 


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