Android App Developement In 2018 - Expectations V/S Reality

You might wonder that how easy it would be change the mobile version of your website into an android app.

But it's NOT !!!

Mobile Android apps are distinctly different from the website not only in terms of structure but also the coding process, the development cost, and the target audience.

Since there has been an exponential increase in the number of mobile users and Android apps platform, which has led Android apps to become so prevalent in our lives. Therefore, Android App Development is very much preferable to a successful business or any organization.

So in order to advertise and achieve perfect growth for a business, we have to invest not only the in websites but also on the mobile and Android App Development.

In order to make your Android apps flawless and successful, you are going to need a reasonable launch time, a sufficient budget, a dedicated development time or simply you can consult an android app development company.

Android App Development / Mobile App Development

An Android is a software stack designed for mobile devices which includes an operating system, middleware, and key applications.

The set of processes and procedures involved in writing software for these portable mobile devices are termed as the mobile app development and since the mobile world is being dominated by android apps so it can be simply referred to as Android app development.

A major advantage of using mobile apps over the traditional website is that the Android apps are often written specifically to take advantage of the unique features any particular mobile device as their specification offers. To specify things more elaborately - the coding used in Android app development is especially for the processor in a particular device.

How are android apps different than websites?

Websites are a general purpose marketing tool that establishes a connection between you and your customers educating and enquiring them about the features of your product. But in the case of Android apps, they are task oriented and are designed in a way to help the users solve a problem or learn about any in-app event.

Is it easy to design android apps?

The Android app development is based on advance C language and it is definitely NOT as easy as it seems.

There are various tools and services available that serves you with the ready-made app templates that might serve as a helping hand, to begin with. But even after these handy tools, mobile app development requires a lot of time and effort.

This is where android app development company like SagaEdge comes in handy by providing you with all help you need in developing and managing your android apps.

Putting up your Android apps on the Playstore.

You might sometimes wonder how easy it would be to put up your app on platforms like Appstore and Playstore.

But you don't realize that your app needs to be perfect in order to be accepted and ranked amongst similar android apps on the Playstore. If a few key points are missing in the android app development process your app might not even make it to the list and could be easily rejected.

An Android app development company specifically takes care of all these petty problems and provides you with android apps that are compatible with all mobile platforms. On the bright side, it is a time-saving an affordable step that gives you time to attend to other important issues.

Will Your app be visible to users?

Just like your App, there are thousands of other similar Android apps on playstore. How will you compete with them and be on the top?

Building a nice app is not everything in today's digital world. You need to apply for smart work instead of hard work here.

So how will you get to the eyes of the potential user? It's pretty simple - SEO.

A research shows that 63% of the users find apps via search and to rank among the top searches you require SEO. The android app development company will focus on improving your ranking in the search results by providing the required SEO for your Android apps.

Another thing to be kept in mind is that Android apps store like Playstore will consider your app on the search list only if its initial download response is good. Otherwise, it will be very difficult for you to improve your Android apps' popularity after a while.

Is it necessary to update your android apps on a regular basis?

Evolution is a natural human process and it is also necessary for your Android apps to evolve with time.

There are various bugs and errors that constantly occurs with your app. After receiving proper feedback from your users and analyzing all the probable causes for malfunction these bugs need to be removed as soon as possible. So regular updates are for your android apps is just a healthy and necessary exercise in the mobile app development process.

All around the world, there are new mobile phones being launched daily and to achieve compatibility with all new mobile phones requires regular updates of your Android apps.

To stay in the race for the top competitors your android app development process needs to be up to date which is very much the strategy of android app development company like SagaEdge.

Types of mobile app development companies

To identify the users for which you have designed your android apps is a very significant process and for that, you must be familiar with the types of mobile app development companies:

1 Web App Development Company: 

Web app development company uses HTML or HTML5 as a  programming language. They basically develop a website that a compatible on all screens even in mobile versions.

The major advantage is that they are very responsive and can be easily accessed via any electronic devices.

2 Native App Development Company:

Native app development company is a platform-specific mobile app development company that develops either IOS, Windows or Android apps. There is a compatibility issue and the app can be only accessed by a device with that operating platform.

The advantage of these type of app development company is that they provide apps that have an excellent performance throughout.

3 Hybrid App Development Company:

Hybrid app development company aims at providing apps that work on all platforms. It is a really complex procedure but these type of mobile apps are not platform bound and can be easily accessed from any device the user wishes.



To sum all things up it can be concluded that developing and managing mobile or android apps is a combination of various strategies and techniques and consulting an android app development company is an honest and profitable investment for the future.

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