Web development, also known as website development is the process of developing, hosting and maintaining a website using the internet. Companies all around the world employ a bunch of tech experts and work together to provide a platform on the internet for hosting websites as per the owner's requirements and these companies are popularly known as web development companies.

Web development companies are on an exponential hike since nowadays everything is on the internet. Whether it is a business school or any other firm, nowadays website is the prime need of all. Website development companies take up the responsibility of developing and maintenance of websites for these firms or business. Web development is not only limited to web pages but they can include:-

  • developing web-based applications

  • gaming applications

  • social network applications

  • business applications

  • blogging and text-based applications, the list is just endless.

Divisions in a web development company

The web development company divides its resources and employees into two parts:

  1. Front-end development section: This section is generally concerned with what the user sees that includes the language used in creating the website, the font styles, the designs used. This team works to improve the interface of the web page as per the requirements of the user. We can also refer to front-end development as the client side as it is generally concerned about how the client wants the website to look.

  2. back-end development section: This is the core section of the website development companies as the team working here is to implement the core computational logic being performed in the website. The main function of this team is to create indirectly accessible features and components for the user. The performance of the web page is directly related to the efforts put while establishing this part of the website. In other terms back end development is also known as server-side.

Goals of a web development company

  • To create an interface which enables the user to interact with the website.

  • It strives towards providing a responsively designed website that needs minimum maintenance in the future.

  • Provide good web address and domain name so that it is easier to track the website on the internet.

  • It must be easy to update any information by the user.

  • Provide additional features such as social media integration that it might be much easier to get a platform to share

  • To create a proper SEO that is Seach Engine Optimisation should be performed in an organized way so that the user gets all the publicity deserved.

  • The budget should be kept affordable.


How is Web Development different from Web Designing?

It is a common mistake that people often confuse web development with web designing. They are not the same.

Creating a website is just similar to building a house. At first, the architect lays out a plan as to how the building should look like and then the builder builds the house accordingly. Similarly, in the case of a website the web designer is the architect and the web developer is the builder.

Web designing is the transformation of an idea, or a story, into a layout that is built according to the user's convenience. Web designing is mostly concerned with how the website looks whereas Web development is the process of turning those ideas and layouts into a live website. It is done by using various web languages and software tools.

Benefits of using web development companies

There are a lot of positive aspects of hiring web development companies. A few of them are listed below:

  • Satisfaction and convenience: To create and handle the website is a laborious and tiresome practice and could not be easily done by inexperience. These web development companies do all the work for you which is just similar to a dining service at a restaurant; all you got to do is eat. In simple words, it means that you do have to worry less.

  • Less expensive advertising: The websites act as a cheaper and effective way to advertise your product rather than using traditional ways. Web development company help in providing a much bigger and better platform for advertising and promotion purposes.

  • Ease of gathering data: Faster transactions are possible, as the web development company works to improve the speed of navigation through the website. Another advantage is that numerous info and data can be collected and handled quickly.

  • Use of Search Engine Optimization – Visibility issues are diminished as these web development companies work to make your rank higher in the search engine without any aid of advertisements.


In order to be competitive in today's fast-paced digital world, the prime importance is to have a professional website. The internet has proven to be the leading resource to find any desirable information. There is a greater risk of losing potential customers if you fail to have a professionally designed website. A well-developed website will definitely attract more visitors and this can be done by hiring experienced web development companies.


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