The Next Best Thing In Web Development

The Next Best Thing In Web Development

For the past decade, Web Development has been playing the most revolutionary part of the evolution of technology and the digital world.

It would be wrong to even think that this cutting-edge feature had reached to its full potential.

There is a gradual evolution on a daily basis as you can never run out of new ideas to invest in the field of web development. The only thing that could be considered constant in web development is change.

Ever Lasting user expectations today serve as a fuel to build a digitally empowered world and provide the human race with a better experience.

Two Faces of Web Development

Before going further into details about the future of web development, it is better to learn the basics of web development.

Talking about web development the easiest explanation is that there are 2 faces of the coin and the same is the case here.

The first and the most important face is the server side and the second is the browser side or the client side.
frontend vs bacend

Some also prefer calling these faces as front end and back end parts of web development.

Latest Trends in today's Web Development

As for now the front end of web development is being ruled by Redux which has been evolving ever since.

This open-source JavaScript library is been adopted by mostly all the social media platforms as it has proven to be quite amusing at facebook.

When integrated with libraries like React or Angular, Redux can be used to build the interactive interface. So now it is not only limited to Facebook's react but have evolved to much more advanced complications.

As far as the backend part is concerned live streams had become the most improving part of the web development. The most effective tool that has proved to be a promising option with data streams and the propagation of change is Reactive Programming.

Any sort of delay in the original feed can affect the project big time so with the use of asynchronous patterns of Reactive Programming data streams are improving day by day.

The Future of Web Development

We have discussed the present scenario and how web development has been revolutionizing the world today.

But what about the future?

Can web development keep up with the everlasting human expectations and how will it be able to overcome new odds. Well, it's a million dollar question as you need assurance before putting your trust in something that withholds the future.

Let me assure you that due to various new inventions on a daily basis the future of web development seems bright.

Here is a list of few next best thing in web development:


You might not realize but javascript has and is playing a significant part in the evolution of web development.

Only providing a flawless web application is not sufficient today, but instead, there is a demand for an improved and enhanced user interface.

So, how can one achieve a perfect, let's not say perfect but something next to perfect user interface?

Created by a single individual Evan You in 2014, Vue.js is believed to be one of the most lightweight frameworks today.

Although it took 4 years of persistent improvements to establish and now it has achieved perfection with a super fast speed.

Until now no major company has volunteered to work with Vue.JS but there is a very big possibility in the near future.

Real-Time Web Applications

You might be hearing the term real time web from a long time.

The concept has been around the internet since 2009. So What's new this time?

The whole traditional definition of real time web is about to change as now the concept of soft real time computing is been added.

According to this the time taken by the ping-pong signal from the real-time server to the client on a complete round trip will get reduced to a maximum of one second.

This significant improvement in real time computing will definitely offer a much better network connectivity.

We might also witness an integration of social web and real time web because now it is believed that real time web could be termed social by default.

Due to enhanced experience, it would also prove to be less annoying to the users.

Enhancing Mobile Web Development

When talking about web development, one can never deny the role of mobile and the impact it creates in revolutionizing the web.

A recent survey shows that 80% of the total internet users are using smartphones to access it.

And another shows that a significant amount of increase has been noticed in the time period of usage of mobile phones, which has now spiked up to 6 hours a day.

All the above facts just point to one thing and that is - there will be an increase in the mobile web development in the future.

To master the mobile web development would be a primary objective in order to keep up with the users. We need to assure that our website is responsive and compatible on mobile platforms too.

To be honest, mastering the mobile web won't be so easy but there is an absolute certainty that we are going to witness an improvement in the near future.


To conclude with we can say that by looking at the present scenario and the upcoming technologies it would be right to say that The Future of web development is in safe hands.

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