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In today's digital world it is necessary for any organization such as schools to have its own website. Handling the school business manually is a very big headache managing accounts, mark sheets, admission procedure, student's biodata, attendance records, notice circulations, and the list is just endless. But there is a simple and easy way to manage all such hindrance and it is by putting up a school website. School websites can accomplish so much not only for the school, but also serve as a helping hand for the staff and the whole community.

Now the question arises as to how to design a school website. There is one key point to be kept in mind before designing the school website is that - The School Website Design going to be out there for a long time. It will always remain a work in progress; so take ample amount of time to make it good. That is better than being fast! 

Things to remember before designing the school website

It is advisable to hire a website development company like **SAGAEDGE** before indulging in a task like designing the school website. All you need is to provide them with all the relevant information regarding the school and they'll do the rest. There are a few things to remember before designing a school website and they are :

  • Establish your goals - First and foremost it is necessary to consult the school management as you need to know what the expectations are for it and take down all the descriptions provided.  You need to identify their concerns and goals and set a brief outline.

  • Identify your target audience - Identifying the audience is a prime concern but in the case of school websites the target audience is students and the basic purpose is to establish a link between students and management as an easy flow of information and notices.

  • Meticulous planning - Make sure everyone involved in designing the website ie. the designing team knows what's expected.  If possible try to do the work in front of the school officials and provide them with regular updates throughout the process. 

Advantages of putting up a school website

To improve the learning experience - Putting up and designing the school website can aid in improving the learning experience for students. Students can get access to various study materials that could not be provided through classroom teachings like an audio-video reference of the topic they are learning, They can check and verify notes and gain resources like model papers, previous years question papers, attendance, mark sheets, etc.

Accessible around the clock - The biggest advantage of having a school website is that they are accessible 24/7/365. School websites are not time bound as the students and staff can access the website as per their convenience whenever they wish to. In case if a student is sick or absent and unable to attend the classes, there are provisions to catch up with the remaining students.

Convenient - The school website also eliminates the necessity to stay formal as any individual, students or staff can easily access the school website and services sitting in comfort on their couch or their bed. Another convenience is that the sharing of information between students, staff, and management has become handy. See More 

An Ideal School Website

  • Responsive - Web pages that can adapt to the size of the user's viewport are coined as responsive web pages. The school websites should automatically load and adjust the web pages according to the user's convenience and provide an optimal, consistent and positive experience. Since there is a mass variety of people using the same website using different devices so the web page compatibility should be maintained and quality of service must never degrade.

  • Ease of Navigation - School websites are used for various purposes so sometimes it can be troublesome to find exactly what you are looking for. It is adviced that buttons and links large and easily noticeable. There should be clear and easy classification as to where the website will navigate the users. Addition of floating navigation menus also makes it easier for the user to navigate through the website.

  • No advertisements -  A very important point that should be kept in mind while designing the school website is that is should NOT contain any advertisement. School websites reflect the school reputation and it should not be degraded by deteriorating the user's experience.

  • Formal- School websites should not lack the formal touch as it is a medium of interaction between students, staff, and management and a dignity should be maintained.

  • Avoid Typography - While designing the school website, avoid the usage of Cursive fonts, symbols, and hand-drawn scripts. Stick to one single font style and keep it as simple as possible because it may create confusion and the future of the students indirectly rests on these websites.

  • No Error 404 can be tolerated - A huge platform like school websites could not accept Error 404 as they are silent traffic killers.  Most of the users simply opt to leave the website for good if such a situation occurs.

  • Use of Compressed Images and videos  - School websites should be easily accessible and responsive and to do so the images and video clips available should not be of a very big size. All the animated graphics should be kept to a minimum so pages will load quickly and easily. Avoid using additional frames for the images.

  • Relevant Content Only - School websites must stick to the policy of "Relevant Content Only" and try to include as much student- and staff-supplied content as possible. The presence of irrelevant contents on the website is only a wastage of time which, in turn, result in deteriorating the students'overall performance.

Best Schools Website Design Templates

School website templates are a readymade and handy tool for designing a school website. These are tools that provide with all the necessary things used while designing a website and all you got to do is add the relevant details and your website is good to go.

Here's a list of top 20 best school website templates:

1 Ed school
hospital website design template

2 Schule
school website best

3 Smarty
hospital design template

4 Enfant
school template design

5 Solfeggio
best school website design

6 Schoolfun
school website template design

7 Bambini
school website best

8 Melody
best music school template

9 Greenville
school website design

10 Total School
best school website design template

11 School Moodle

 best school website template

12 School Time

 best school website template

13 Sakola

 best school website

14 Skilled

  school website design template

15 Kid's voice

 best school design template

16 Light House

 best school website design template

17 Carry Hill

 best school website design

18 Prime Kidz

 school website design template

19 Educator

 best school website template

20 Classroom

 best school website design template

Bottom Line 

The school website reflects the institution in terms of values, reputation and attitude towards various prospects. We should work towards the acceptance of modern trends and one of them is designing the school website and maintaining a students, staff, and management interaction.


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